The BIG Little
The BIG Little
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the BIG little

The BIG Little… showcasing the best of British brands in show-stopping country locations. Where luxury and fun combine to create the best shows out of town. An experienced and dynamic foursome, we share a combined passion for creating something modern, fun and glamorous in the countryside. With loyal advocacy and established brand and media relationships, we have run regular events over a number of years. With our latest event, we want to bring the best of UK independent fashion and beauty to the stunning countryside.

Our Brand Values

Stylish Good Times - curating beautifully crafted events in beautiful surroundings for women looking for moments to step away from the day to day.

Audience First - celebrating and cheerleading the audience in its life experience and diversity.

Socially Driven & Insightful - creating experiences and content that is always inspirational, thought provoking and intelligent.

Focused & Forward Thinking - always knowing that over thirty does not mean over the hill, and focusing on forward facing content and experiences.

Always Authentic - ensuring our experiences are honest, welcoming and inclusive.